Does worry run your life?


Do you wake up with dread each morning, worrying about everything that can go wrong? Is the stove still on at the house? Will your vehicle break down on the highway, or your card be declined at the store?


If these scenarios sound familiar, you are not alone! I was one of the biggest worriers on the planet. I worried about money, family, career, food, weight, you name it!


I thought I was being realistic by "preparing for the worst," but when I started believing these things would come true, it made me fearful and miserable.


Chronic worry and stress affect both your mental state AND your health. Living a worry-filled life made me weak, sick, depressed...even my hair started falling out!


When I decided to stop stressing about the big and small things and learn to trust my surroundings, my world changed. My health improved, I had more peace and bravery to accomplish things in my life I always thought impossible.


If you want to do something about worry but you don't know when or how, don't worry! I got you covered!


I created a 7-day workshop for eliminating worry with 5 easy steps to stop worry and start trusting!


You may think the world is out to get you, but it’s not. You may think you’re meant to be fat, ugly, poor, struggling, etc, but you’re not!


I will show you how to stop stressing and live in harmony in a world that supports and protects you.


Download this limited-time offer and start your countdown of 7 days to a worry-free life! 

The Weight of Worry Workshop

$9.99 Regular Price
$4.99Sale Price
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