Get your Greens Challenge, Part II

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Details on how how to implement the GYG Challenge in your everyday life.

Get Your Greens Challenge Schedule

The GYG Challenge is for one week only, and very easy to follow. You do not have to be a pro at nutrition or greens to succeed. If you want more information on greens and their nutrients, see my blog post about it.

The GYG Challenge works like this: For 7 days, you will focus on getting more greens into your diet, by concentrating on one meal per day. This allows you to focus and get creative on how you can add greens to that particular meal, rather than trying to cram in random bits of greens throughout the entire day.

The schedule works like this:

Day 1: Add more greens to your breakfast

Day 2: Add more greens to your lunch

Day 3: Add more greens to your dinner

Day 4: Add more greens to your morning snack

Day 5: Add more greens to your afternoon snack

Day 6: Add greens to your dessert (What? More on this later)

Day 7: Bonus day: Add greens to ever major meal you eat. This is the overall goal of the challenge.

Now, how can you do this? Well for the most part, it's really not that hard. As explained in my intro post about the GYG Challenge, you can add greens to your main meals pretty easily. What gets more complicated though, is adding greens to your snack or dessert.

Below is a short list of suggestions on how to add greens at every meal. You can use this as a guideline for the challenge, and you may be surprised at what you come up with!

Sprouts topped with egg, a side of salmond, avocado and fresh bread from the farmer's market!

Day 1: Breakfast

- Add greens (spinach, kale, collard greens, beet greens, swiss chard, herbs) to your smoothie

- Add greens (spinach, kale, collard greens) to your omelette

- Make a fresh side salad with with arugula to go with your omelette or scrambled eggs

- Add micro greens to a side of smoked salmon, avocado and eggs (see my recipe on how to make this delicious breakfast!)

- No breakfast or coffee only? Mix some green superfood powder with water

- Add mint to fruit salads

- Add basil and/or cilantro to a melon salad

Day 2: Lunch

This is easy. Have a freakin salad! Or....

- Add brussel sprouts, broccoli, green beans, etc with your cooked lunch

- Add microgreens to your salad wrap

- Eat a cabbage salad with your cooked lunch

- Add avocado to your meal

- Drizzle your salad or lunch with a tahini dressing

Basil lamb fettucine with kale, green onion and gluten-free pasta

Day 3: Dinner

- Steam kale/collard greens/swiss chard/broccoli/brussel sprouts or anything else you can think of, then mix with butter or olive oil

- Make a green bean and mushroom salad

- Have a fresh side salad, taking ideas from above, or see my salad recipes on my website

- Make a stir fry with an array of colorful vegetables, making sure you have green in it

- Add greens to your soup

- Add greens to your pizza - kale, basil and spinach go great

- Add greens to your pasta. Add spinach to gnocchi, and kale to your meat pasta. I have a delicious basil kale lamb fettucine recipe!

Day 4: Morning snack

- Eat hummus and veggies, adding celery, cucumber and green pepper for dipping

- Guacamole with cilantro, eat with veggies or make a guacamole toast

- Add mint, basil or cilantro to your fruit salad

- Add mint, basil or cilantro to a watermelon salad

- Add mint to your berries

Day 5: Afternoon snack

Afternoon snacks can be interchangeable with your morning snack, and I added a couple others

- Eat hummus and veggies, adding celery, cucumber and green pepper for dipping

- Guacamole with cilantro, eat with veggies or make a guacamole toast

- Add mint, basil or cilantro to your fruit salad

- Add mint, basil or cilantro to a watermelon salad

- Add mint to your berries

- Eat green beans and almonds. It's a delicious snack and also gives you energy so you are less reliant on coffee

Day 6: Dessert

Ok, so this is where it gets tricky. Sure, you can add greens to a dessert like fruit salad, avocado ice-cream or green tea mochi. But what about other things like cookies, cakes, pies, dessert smoothies? Well, I've got some ideas for you.

Keep in min that day 6 is now Saturday, so you should have plenty of time to make a green dessert! :D

- Cookies: Make a cookie icing and add spirulina to it. I have a recipe for it here.

- Smoothies: This goes for dessert smoothies like coffee smoothies, chocolate smoothies, etc. Just add a tsp of spirulina or matcha powder to it! Coffee and chocolate smoothies are dark anyway, so add a bit of green won't change the color or the taste

- Cakes: Cakes are a lot easier to do, as icing on cake is already color. Instead of using food coloring for green frosting, use spirulina for dark green and matcha powder for light green! Natural food colors, plus it's good for you!

- Cakes: If you want to get adventurous, you an add matcha or spirulina or both to your cake batter. Keep in mind that the cake will have a green hue

- Pies: I have a great recipe for a raw vegan avocado pie. While technically we are talking about leafy greens or powders, a pie made with avocado rather than butter and sugar is a much better option and a pie you SHOULD be eating! See my recipe for it here.

- Other desserts: Turns out avocado mint bars a really, really good. They are made with a base of cashews and avocado, and blended with fresh mint. You even get a chocolate sauce with it! Give this recipe a try, if you are a mint and/or avocado fan, you will love it!

Day 7: Bonus Day -- Add greens to 3 meals/snacks

This sounds like common sense, but we're on the weekend now, and eating greens is probably not the highest priority on your weekend to-do list. No matter. Hopefully you have some leftover greens from the week since you've been eating them every day. Now is a perfect time to add them to each of your meals by eating them on the side, making a stir fry or a delicious bone broth soup!

Use the suggestions from above on how to incorporate greens with each of your meals, and get creative! If you have brunch, be sure to add greens to any snack you have. If you have all three meals, use the suggestions from above and see what other ways you come up with for eating greens!

If you liked this challenge and you found a cool way to incorporate greens into your diet, let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear from you!

Happy GYG week!

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